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AgXML's Mission

AgXML is an organization of grain and processing companies, and related entities, committed to identify, develop, and implement standards and guidelines intended to bring electronic business efficiencies to grain, oilseed, and renewable-fuel companies.

AgXML's Goals

AgXML’s goals support the mission and are as follows:

  • Deliver standards that can be used to improve internal and external process efficiencies including document delivery via the Internet.
  • Define business documents involved in bulk and oilseed grain processes including content of documents, XML schemas, and a glossary.
  • AgXML will continue to be an industry-led effort.
  • Align with other technical and business standards bodies. Appropriate trade bodies will endorse AgXML’s work.
  • AgXML standards will achieve supply chain adoption.
  • AgXML becomes organizationally self-sufficient—bigger than any one company or key people.
  • Deliver a standard that is versatile and extensible.

AgXML's Development Approach

AgXML standards development is an open effort. We invite anyone to join our working groups, review our work, and comment on our work. We are reaching out to every grain and oilseed “touch point” we identify including the USDA, the NGFA, AgGateway, agrichemical industry organizations, transportation industry organizations, etc. We offer our standards at no cost provided that they are used in accordance with the license agreement.

Our general approach to development is as follows:

  • Identify business processes that, if electronically-enabled, would improve business-process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Determine the data requirements of those business processes.
  • Define and maintain evolving XML schemas and related guidelines that support the data requirements.
  • Build commitment from participants to integrate XML-based messaging into their business processes and provide a forum for understanding that process.